Understanding Your Inheritance

An inheritance is more than just coming into some unexpected extra money; your inheritance may have implications associated with it that you may not foresee or understand. This is an emotional and sensitive area, so our professionals work hard to guide you through the process in a stress-free way.

Some questions you may wish to consider include:
  • What are my options?
  • Do I have to pay tax on an item I inherit?
  • I inherited a house and I want to sell it. Do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax?

Helping You Through A Tough Time

If you have recently come into new cash, property, shares or even a valuable item, there may be financial implications. We can help you understand the entire situation and help you to make the most of your windfall. Our team will inform you of any tax implications of the action you may want to take.

See how we can help you:
  • Review and help you set goals and a realistic time frame.
  • Identify your options if the windfall is cash and advise of tax considerations if the windfall is not cash.
  • Recommend a selection of investment options.
  • Advise you when you need to see an accountant or solicitor.
If you want us to help you understand your new inheritance, please call us today!
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